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Free Web HostingHow do I get my web hosting plans I listed a higher rank?

You can't do anything to get a higher rank including paying for a higher position. Unlike other hosting lists, we don't accept payment for a higher rank. The top ranked companies are ranked by our exclusive "ClickHereFree Rating" automatically. You can however be shown higher in the search results by constantly updating your listing. We sort the results showing the newest and last updated listings first. We figure the newer the listing and most recently updated plans yield the most accurate results. 

Free Web HostingHow are the top rated web hosting plans calculated?

First we give each feature a certain value. The more features, the higher the "ClickHereFree Rating". Then we import thrid party data such as number of inbound links and some other information about each hosting company. Those scores determine the "Internet Reputation". We add the two together. The web hosting plans and companies with the highest scores, get the highest ratings. 

Free Web HostingCan I host dynamic web pages such as PHP or ASP scripts with a free web hosting account?

Some free web hosting companies allow the hosting of dynamic web pages along with database access and some do not. ClickHereFree.com lists this information for you. You may also search for specific features by using our power search to find what you are looking for. 

Free Web HostingCan I host any kind of website I want with a free web hosting account?

Some free web hosting providers allow any kind of website where others only allow particular content. Check the terms of service for each of the free web hosting companies you are considering hosting your website with. 

Free Web HostingWhy does ClickHereFree.com list paid hosting services if it is a free hosting directory?

We only list hosting companies that offer at least one free web hosting plan. If the hosting company has paid web hosting upgrades, we list them as well. We decided to list the paid upgrades so you can see what your options will be in the event that you do want to upgrade. 

Free Web HostingDoes ClickHereFree.com offer free web hosting?

No. ClickHereFree.com is a directory and rating of free web hosting services only. It is a guide to help you locate a free web hosting services that suites your particular hosting needs. 

Free Web HostingHow can web hosting be free?

Usually free web hosting services require some sort of automatically inserted advertisement on your web pages to offset the cost of serving your files. Some free web hosting companies that do not require ads let you use a limited version of their services in the hope that you will upgrade to a paid account. 

Free Web HostingWhat is free web hosting?

Free web hosting or web hosting in general is the hosting of files on a server accesible to the world wide web. Each user or account on the server has control over their specific sets of files.